Welcome to kyokyofortress, the chillest (though probably also stupidest) Open Fortress server ever.
I hope you've been enjoying your stay here so far.

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click here to join the server, or input into console: connect

If there is anything fucky wucky going on in the server, join this server's Discord ( ) and message me on Discord: kebo#0438 . You need to join the Open Fortress Discord server in order to be able to DM me. Important note: I am usually offline from 9PM-8AM CST. Feel free to use votekicks to get rid of anyone unsavory.

Note: If you are under 18, you probably shouldn't be in this server. Or this entire game in general.

How is this server "~~W A C K Y~~"?

The "bUIsiNEss"

Famous Last Words

*DEAD* White Russian Bear : a merc has fallen into the water in dm_gump

Connor : is this why there are no trees in the desert

*DEAD* k.o kirby : wacky gang war

*DEAD* k.o kirby : no one in existance is 17

orenstep : this is tf2 but it's sonic racers

AudioSpiral : 3NUb7*DEAD* kyokyoknut: h

Nigou™ : i have this server on favorites but it keeps getting F I L L E D

garu : how very homielike

Thanks for visiting!